When you already own a video game but you still pick it up and look at it whenever you’re in the store just because you love it and it means so much to you and you’d buy it 3000 times if you could.

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The Amity Affliction | Pittsburgh.

"If you touch the brass apple near the entrance of the Snow White attraction, you will hear a clap of thunder and the witch cackling"

I did this on accident one day and it scared the crap out of me

Today in my math class my teacher told us that he took a class at Disneyland that explained the stories behind several attractions at the park. Ever wonder about the Haunted Mansion? The story goes like this: In the 1800’s there was a couple who lived together in a huge mansion, there was a war and the husband left the wife all alone in the big house. One day, someone delivered the news to her that her husband has died at war. Devastated, she walked up the stairs, walked onto the porch, faced towards the house, and fell backwards to her death. A couple days later the husband came home only to discover that his wife was nowhere to be seen, until he looked in the backyard. He took her body and put her in a coffin in a carriage. After, he hung himself from the sadness of his wife’s death. The ultimate sin is taking one’s own life. (In one of the scenes listen to the wife say something about waiting for her husband to come back) So their punishment is they will never be together again.  Their spirits can pass in the hallway, but they will never see the other. The ride: The reason why the room is stretching is not only to bring you to the ride, but it is also a way to represent the husband “stretching” after hanging himself. Also, as soon as you get on the Doom Buggy, you are the wife. At the beginning of the ride, you notice that you are going up, this is to represent the wife going upstairs. Then turn backwards and go down. You have now fallen to your death and you are now a ghost. Once this happens you are now able to see all the 999 other ghosts on the ride! 
Long fact of the day! Keep in mind that there are many other stories that are included in the ride, not just one (but this is the most “recent”).


is he cute or is he just tall????  a real question yall need to ask yourselves 

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Collective fuck you's from a crowd at warped tour